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Hi, I'm Geetika. I work as a Senior Software Developer with Oerlikon, Germany where I have an intermediate role between CI CD developer and Site Reliable Engineer. My responsibilities at Oerlikon includes upgrading and maintaining inhouse Gitlab and developing & maintaining Kubernetes based cluster using ansible playbooks. The role also involves writing automation scripts to achieve all the work items. I was a part of Red Hat before Oerlikon. My work primarily revolved around backend development utilizing docker, kubernetes and build microservices. Though I was a part of Analytics team where my work was closely related to Data Engineering, I had to collaborate with other Opensource teams and write code to integrate our product.

Prior to joining Red Hat, I contributed to OpenStack.I have strong interest in Web Services and Distributed Systems and I have more than three years of experience with Python and Automation, I also have been writing a lot of Go code recently. I <3 Open Source, and try to contribute as much as I can. Also, got selected as an Outreachy Intern for Openstack.

Now that you are here, you might also like to explore other links. Feel free to mail me if you have any feedback. If you have a really awesome project that you think would be a perfect fit as per my interests, here's my CV.


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